Daily Archives: March 31, 2010

Virginity By Major?

The following chart represents a study done at Wellesley College (a women’s liberal arts college in Massachusetts) showing the percent of students that are virgins by majors. No wonder those Art majors are always spending so much “time” in their studios… definitely getting more in than washing their paintbrushes. Also goes to prove that geeks (aka Math and Chem/Bio majors) really aren’t getting laid; poor nerds. Spanish majors seem to get laid more than French majors as well. I blame Pitbull on this one.

They should do this research at every college!

Spring Break History

Check this out yo!

57% of college females said “being promiscuous was a way to fit in” and 60% of them said they “had friends who had unprotected sex” during Spring Break. Move over World War II Baby Boomers, Spring Break Bastard Boomers is the new generation!

Men vs Women

Men: Sees reality. Happy with what they have. Satisfied with their lives. Ability to drain emotions.

Women: Sees romantic comedy movies. Expect too much. Want things that don’t exist. Ability to be emotionally draining.

That is why I choose Extraterrestrial.

E.T. Phone Home