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Why I love my dad

He writes things like this regarding the mystery animals eating his vegetables in his garden:

“Daddy: I have to take shower, now. I saw one really FAT FAT groundhog, today. It is FAT because it is eating my vegetables. It looked at me and then try to get into the garden. But stupid animal….. I put the pine limbs around the garden. I was watching what it is going to do. It tried to cut through the net but was scratched by the pine needles. It was thinking what to do…. Hahahahahahah… I think I beat it.”

Dear Miss Cleo…

The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia is hosting a new exhibition: Cleopatra, The Search for the Last Queen of Egypt. From June 5th-January 2nd, visitors can “unravel the mystery” and view historic artifacts from the Queen herself. A bunch of restaurants are also hosting “Cleopatra” themed menu items and prices with your ticket stub from the exhibition, so check those out as well. For tickets and info on the exhibition, click here!

She must have ran out of eyeliner everyday

Also, check out this link for a slideshow of the exhibition itself!
Slideshow of the Cleopatra Exhibit

Free Outdoor Yoga Class @ The Comcast Center (17th & JFK Blvd)

(From: UWishUNu.com)

On Saturday, the Market & Shops at Comcast Center will host a free outdoor yoga course and trunk show.

The complimentary yoga session, led by Karen Harmelin of Y2, is an all-levels Ashtanga class. After you’re done stretching, bending, and yoga-ing, you can pick up the latest in yoga and running gear at a trunk show hosted by lululemon athletica.

Participants can also look forward to complimentary Vitamin Water and Smart Water at the class, as well as discounts on food in the Market.

Starts at 10:30am!

Don't worry, it won't be this intense...