Monthly Archives: August 2011

Turn It Down Please.


This just might be one of the worst representations of females. I mean first we have to suffer through season after season of reality tv nonsense with the Kardashians, and now Kimmy is attempting to sing? Didn’t she learn from her buddy Paris that a singing career is not a good idea? Horrendous. Simply horrendous.

Post Secret’s New App

August 27, 2011

I’m a huge fan of PostSecret and am now super excited for their upcoming app coming to smart phones across the world! Check out the teaser for the app (a little long, but whatever) and tell me what you think! I’m already inspired to create images and share my secrets with the world. Well not all of my secrets, but at least a few of them. :)


For more info, check out the website here: It comes out in September for iPhones and a little later for Droids.