Daily Archives: August 14, 2011

When I Grow Up…

I definitely, definitely want a map in my house. I grew up looking at this one National Geographic map when I was a child, and was always enthralled at all of the locations and names. I actually won a World Capitals quizzo thing back in elementary school because of the hours I would spend staring at that map in my house. (#NerdAlert) Now, I have Google Maps and Google Earth where I can just name a random place and check out the scenery and buildings and such. I once got caught by a friend as I was viewing Scotland and pressing the arrows to view along an empty road. Kind of embarrassing. There’s just something about learning about what’s out there in the world and checking out what other locations may look like. I call it traveling-fo-free. Or Ghetto Traveling haha. But anyway, I loved this creative rendition of a world map in one’s living room from Bob & Luis.

Test me on a world capital. I Dare You.