Daily Archives: September 6, 2011


You know what’s tough. Forgetting about something that was such an impact on your life. That level of comfort, that stability and trust disappears and all you’re left with is this sense of starting from scratch. It’s like you made a delicious apple pie but the crust was too crumbly. So you throw it away and all you have left are the apples and no dough. Yup, that pretty much sums it up right now. I’m not one to make many mistakes, but on this path of self-growth, I’ve realized that I may have been making a mistake all along. Maybe I got too free, or too comfortable with that refreshing feeling of suspense and surprise. Whatever it was, I kinda regret it now. Losing a best friend is hard to do, but I guess I’m used to it by now.

Maybe I should have gaven that pie another chance.

Crossin’ That Ocean.

<Via Dear Musketeer>

So, I got the apartment! Next step is to pay the rest of the deposit and my move-in date will be after September 15th or so. I’m confident in the fact that I want to be in the city badly, but I’m just a little nervous about my family and their reaction. I just need to prove to them that this isn’t the worst decision of my life and that I can actually sustain myself in the city. It’s funny how my parents had complete polar opposite reactions to the news. My mom goes “This is going to be a very big mistake of your life,” aka I’m going to hell. My dad goes “Ok, so I found this great bed on sale at Ikea. I’ll take you to Ikea later this month,” aka I’m going to Swedish Meatball heaven. Oh, the choices I have in life!

Well, here’s to crossing that ocean (but I’ll still keep sight of the shore on the weekends…and for laundry…and free Bengali dinners…and okay the occasional bonding time with the rents). :)