A list of some of my favorite blogs/websites. Hit me up if you find any other cool sites.

Philly Bloggers, Sites & Friends

  • Two.One.Five Magazine - “A Philly lifestyle publication that represents the regional youth.”
  • Bad Rhino Blog - “A community of social media professionals and enthusiasts, meeting in one central location to discuss the intersection of business and social media marketing.”
  • Streets and Stripes - “A blog about life, love and a new beginning. Set in Philadelphia.” By my friend Chaucee.
  • BlogBrunch - Blog Brunch is a collaborative network powered by bloggers wanting to share, dream and learn with other creatives in the blogging community.
  • Burgundy Whispers - Jacqui has an eye for fashion and a knack for illustrations. She started Burgundy Whispers as a way to “showcase her fashion illustrations along with daily outfits, and to express ways to update and revamp the clothes in our own wardrobe.”
  • WorldTownParty - “An international party movement bridging music, people and the arts.” By my friends Ben, Femi, Karen, Selam, etc.
  • Philly Love Notes - “Philly Love Notes is a collection of reminders. There is too much in the city that is forgotten or overlooked. This site seeks to rediscover those places — to remind the city, and us, that it is loved.” By my friend Emma.
  • Trend Hungry - “Trendy, not Spendy” fashion and beauty tips by my friend Jessie.
  • OhMyDalia - “Bringing blogs together” by my friend Dalia.
  • 9 Lives On Cloud 9 - A quirky Tumblr by my good friend Kat.
  • The Moochanogi - “music & the such, from the old, new & obscure” by my friend Kevin.
  • WORDforThought - “An outlet for my (simple) poetry & the random ideas I managed to capture on paper…and of course, Tumblr finds that caught my eye!” curated by my friend Shalyn.
  • ChellieKelley - “Style Consultant & Retail Junkie” by my friend Michelle.
  • Credit + Cake - “Confessions of a Hungry Shopaholic” by my friend Jennifer.
  • OnlyDee - “Where I share photographs that I took at a few events I go to and my daily life or love” by my friend Daniel.
  • BDCSASDLOL - The official site for my friend’s group Birthday Cake. Check them out!
  • 22nd and Philly - A blog sharing experiences with the restaurants, food culture and lifestyle in Philadelphia and around the world.
  • Urban Fieldnotes – A street style blog documenting fashion, style, and dress on the streets of Philadelphia and beyond.

Other Blogs and Websites I Fancy. 

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