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Banter & Beans with Joy!

November 17, 2013

Banter & Beans with Oh Joy! | Banter & Beans with Oh Joy! | Banter & Beans with Oh Joy! | Banter & Beans with Oh Joy! | Celestine and I held another Banter & Beans event at a local coffee shop, but this time we had a very special guest. Joy Cho of the wildly popular Oh Joy! blog attended yesterday’s coffee and conversation thanks to an invite from Celestine (family connection in case you were wondering!). All those who attended had the opportunity to learn from one of the best bloggers in the…universe. Okay, that was dramatic, but still, Joy is one of the smartest and hardest working bloggers in the biz. Her books Blog, Inc. and Creative, Inc. were also two books that helped kickstart my passion for starting my own business and turning my blog into a full-time job.

We began the Banter & Beans event with a few questions about blogging. Here’s a little recap thanks to the ladies that attended and Joy herself!

  • As a blogger, attending events can become tiresome, but it’s always a great way to show your face and remind people about your blog/business. Go out, mingle and network and help push your blog/business with real people (instead of only through social media, etc.)
  • A great way to maintain longevity is through collaborations. Collaborate with other bloggers and businesses and provide your readers with unique and creative content!
  • Every year or so, do a reader survey on your blog to help you curate content that people want to see and read. It’s a great way to gage what works and what doesn’t work in terms of different columns and series’ on your site.
  • Google Analytics is the boss. Install it onto your site and you can track how many pageviews you get, the number of unique visitors who come to your blog, all of your referral sources, and so much more. Google Analytics is also useful for getting real-time statistics for a media kit!
  • Track your links with a URL shortener like!
  • With Pinterest becoming a huge powerhouse for incoming traffic these days, try and sign up for a business account to view your statistics! Also, vertical images tend to do better on Pinterest, and try to upload images on your blog that you know will look good even as thumbnails. You can view what others have pinned from your blog by the following URL query: Obviously replace my blog url with yours, but it’s a cool way to see what photos and content people are pinning from your site!

We discussed more blogging goodness, but make sure to come out to our next Banter & Beans where we’ll be discussion photography for your blog! Also, Huge THANK YOU to Joy herself for taking time out of her family vacation to come and support local Philly bloggers! 


Philly Blog Love’s First Twitter Chat!

November 11, 2013


Join us tomorrow night as we have our first style chat! The cool part – one lucky attendee will be chosen at random to win a $200 gift card to Nordstrom thanks to our lovely sponsor PoachIt, an amazing website that gets you working coupons while you shop online or track any item from any store.

Hope to see you all tomorrow from 9-10pm!

Like Phillip Lim?

November 6, 2013


So do I heehee. Join me at the launch of Phillip Lim’s Holiday 2013 collection this Thursday at Saks Fifth Avenue in Bala Cynwyd. I’ll be there from 11-4:00pm so I hope to see you there!!

Happy November

November 4, 2013


Come out this Tuesday to Cooperage Bar on 7th and Walnut for some awesome networking, fun raffles, delicious free appetizers and drink specials! We’ll be bringing more events now as Femme & Fortune in the hopes of creating an awesome girl power community right here in Philadelphia. I hope you can make it to this happy hour, and if not then stay tuned for our next event!

Sweet & Spark!

October 4, 2013

Sweet & Spark Event Jewels| RingTheAlam Sweet & Spark Event | RingTheAlam-5 Sweet & Spark Event | RingTheAlam-9 Sweet & Spark Event | RingTheAlam-11

Sweet & Spark came to visit Philly in a cute little pop-up event held in Rittenhouse. The gal behind the company, Jillian Bremer partnered with her dad awhile back and created a company of beautiful curated vintage pieces. Items on Sweet & Spark are affordable, one-of-a-kind and have a ton of history as they are mostly found through estate sales, flea markets, antique shops and more. Talk about entrepreneurship at it’s finest! I was able to speak to Jillian about an idea I have for the consignment culture here in Philly and her words of advice were – “Just do it. Just go out there and do it.”
I’m not one to shy away from ideas or side projects, and I definitely believe in those words. If you have an idea, start a game plan for it first and then go out there and do it. Even if the foundation is a little rocky at first, putting yourself out there and testing out the waters is the only way to really create a strong business idea and stable foundation. Blog Bloom started out as a random idea I had in my bedroom and turned into so much more with a great partner I brought on and coffee & conversation events that are becoming the toast of the town! I know I didn’t have the most organized approach to the idea of Blog Bloom, but I still went out there, taught classes and then tweaked what worked and didn’t work from there (which I’m thinking of sharing in a future blog post!).

Anyway, going back to Sweet & Spark! It was great to meet Jillian and see her idea and business in motion. I’m definitely going to be doing my share of research now that I’m potentially diving into the world of e-commerce, so stay tuned. Hope you enjoyed the photos above from the event! As always, stay fabulous readers.