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Let’s Get Our Watercolor On

September 18, 2013

Earlier this month, Philly Blog Love and I got to host an artist meet & greet with an awesome Temple University senior named Dessie Jackson. It was a cozy event in our new studio where we got to play with some of Dessie’s fancy art supplies and paint ourselves. As someone that loves washing dishes to relieve stress, painting was a much more pretty outlet that I need to start incorporating into my life more haha. Dessie was awesome herself (and extremely gorgeous AND down to earth!) and you should all check out her work on her Tumblr and Instagram. She’s going to become huge soon in the art world, so get ready everyone! Below are some photos from the meet & greet featuring Celestine, Shen, Sara Kelly and Ian, so enjoy y’all.

DessieJackson6 DessieJackson3 DessieJackson7 DessieJackson4 DessieJackson2 DessieJackson DessieJackson1

George Chamoun + Celebrity Art

September 5, 2011

I found this really cool image of Natalie Portman/Audrey Hepburn recently and decided to post it up for everyone to see! Here’s the backstory of all these images:

A Swedish student named George Chamoun created the following images as a “result of a workshop in Fine Arts with the theme “icons” (computer icons/celebrities/fashion icons/religious icons, etc).”

“I chose to work with movie icons from two different eras. This project has been a lot about ideals, patterns and anatomy. I named the project Iconatomy from the words ‘icon’ and ‘anatomy.’”

Check out his website here!

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